Date 2018
Client La Grande Dégustation de Montréal
What I did Illustration
Agency  Ogilvy

The concept of this year’s La grande dégustation de Montréal trade show revolves around the refinement of Italian wines.
Italy is also famous for its luxury brands, thus the concept’s idea of featuring the earring, a jewel to symbolize wine. Plus the yellow (golden) colour refers to one this year’s theme: Pinot Gris.
In addition to the references to the Italian woman and the earring, the poster’s concept features several other elements that visually illustrate or are inspired by the world of wine. The slogan, the back that forms a falling wine drop, the printed dress with its glass-shaped pattern, and the vineyards on the background all convey the notion of a wine tasting event.

LGDM - wine - illustration - lausanne - suisse  - affiche