Date 2024
Client  Elderli
What I did  Illustration & concept
Animations  Alina Khomyn

Elderli's program offers intergenerational co-living, allowing seniors with spare rooms to sublet them to young individuals. This concept provides seniors with enjoyable company, daily assistance, and an additional income, all under Elderli's supervision.
To promote this initiative, I created a series of illustrations highlighting the values of this program. These illustrations showcase the difference between solitude and shared living, thus illustrating the benefits of intergenerational co-living. I envisioned them to be adaptable for both animation and print. In this series, I present two perspectives: the first depicts characters separately engaged in their activities, while the second shows them together, smiling and connected. This comparison underscores the advantages of intergenerational co-living, transitioning from solitude to shared joy.
In addition to the illustrations, I also worked on Elderli's visual identity by crafting a new color palette and incorporating playful elements with the logo for all communication materials. For animations, I collaborated with Alina Khomyn, who works with Elderli as a motion designer.