Lausanne's cafés
Date 2023
Coffees  cafe des avenues
Coffees  ca passe crème
Coffees  cafe lumen
Coffees  madeleine cafe
Coffees  coffee page
Coffees  Ata
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As a coffee-loving enthusiast who adores spending time on terraces in my city, I wanted to showcase some of my favorite cafés in Lausanne. You'll find the cozy "Ça Passe Crème" café, the magnificent "Lumen" café situated in the Mudac with stunning architecture, the must-visit "Café des Avenues," the unique "Le Barbare" café located in the atypical streets of Lausanne, the arched "Café Madeleine," and the "Coffee Page" café located at the intersection of streets that exudes an air of Parisian terraces.